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Sep 09, 2014

R JET Technology was presented at the NENE 2014 conference where 2 papers about the usage of our technology in the nuclear environment were presented.


In 2014, the Nuclear Society of Slovenia organized the 23rd International Conference - Nuclear Energy for New Europe. The conference was held in the attractive maritime resort of Portorož, Slovenia, during September 8-11.

NENE 2014   

The conference is a traditional annual meeting of professionals from nuclear research and educational institutions, nuclear vendors, utilities and regulatory bodies. It attracts around 200 participants from more than 20 countries. The topics discussed are general and include reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, probabilistic safety assessment, severe accidents, nuclear fusion, nuclear power plant operation, nuclear materials, waste management and new reactor designs.

The conference website URL is www.nss.si/nene2014/.

After a long and tiresome process of research and development, engineers from INTECO ROBOTICS delivered the R JET – 111 channel cleaning robot to the Plomin Thermoelectric power plant. A unique system in the world has a specific assignment to enable an uninterrupted cooling of the generator in the power plant by removing biological deposits from the walls and the floor of the water intake channel, which is more than 2 kilometers long. The tool of the system is cleaning algae during power plant operation.

Organized and invited by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, a delegation from Taiwan Chamber of Commerce visited INTECO ROBOTICS and had an opportunity to inspect the R JET Technology up-close and personal. We are very pleased and grateful for this honor to present Croatian innovative entrepreneurship to the Taiwan delegation.

Invited by the new management of the Croatian shipyard BRODOTROGIR, representatives from INTECO ROBOTICS presented innovations in the field of UHP water application in the protection of steel from corrosion. Automation in this type of work was a topic of great interest to the owners and management of the shipyard.

Impossible becomes possible with a new special tool for underwater treatment of pillars and surfaces. Using UHP water and the R JET – 062 Robot this special tool can cut concrete slabs and scrape surface to remove damaged concrete. Peculiarity of this job was the request from investor that treatment of the pillars beneath a bridge should not disturb the operation of the hydroelectric power plant which is getting water from the river passing beneath the bridge. Sense for solving problems and creating innovative and proprietary technology again came to play proving again the engineerial strength in the team behind the R JET Technology.

For an international client INTECO ROBOTICS designed and tested a new vacuum system that enabled R JET Robots to suck debris and water from the UHP treatment of concrete and metal surfaces. This function enables the robot operation in areas where water from treatment can damage the surroundings or even contaminate air. The results of the testing of the proprietary equipment were an incredible 99,9 % of water and debris getting vacuumed by the system.

Apr 18, 2013

In collaboration with URACA GmbH INTECO ROBOTICS presented video materials and leaflets of the R JET Robots in action on different jobsites. BAUMA is the largest fair in the world for equipment and materials targeting construction industry. INTECO Ltd. is probably the only Croatian company presenting its proprietary technology on the BAUMA fair in 2013.

At Bad Urach R JET - 062 was put to the test and demonstrated deep concrete removal using the most powerful URACA ultra high pressure pumps. R JET Technology proved once more its superiority in using UHP water in demanding environments. After the demonstration INTECO ROBOTICS team made a presentation of its technology and future plans to URACA officials. URACA invited INTECO ROBOTICS to attend the BAUMA 2013 fair and present its promotional materials at their booth.

Autonomous, lightweight & modular robots for hydrodemolition & waterjetting applications caught the attention of FALCH GmbH and their robotics department.

Representative of FALCH came to INTECO ROBOTICS to familiarize themselves with R Jet technology. The new falch trail jet 100 with 2500 bar proved to be a good solution in the combination with the R Jet – 062 for hydrodynamic treatment of metal for anticorrosion protection applications as well as concrete surface treatment.

A Danish customer with a specific demand to remove led based paint inside apartments with a lightweight robot that can climb stairs and pass through doors visited INTECO ROBOTICS.

A demonstration of the R Jet – 062 doing just that was set up. Additionally the rotary tool can be equipped with a vacuum ready unit – VRU that can be connected to a standard suction system and safely remove water and debris from the working site.

A safe and cost effective hydrodynamic treatment method now available in buildings and apartments with easy to use autonomous equipment thanks to R Jet Robots.

A short-notice demonstration of the R Jet- 062 Robot was done for a very experienced German customer interested in a compact & lightweight solution for specific hydrodemolition jobs. R Jet Robots proved to be just the right thing.

A very detailed demonstration was set up for a Swiss customer that arrived to Zagreb to see the R Jet Robots in action. Three different applications were demonstrated together with setting up, dismounting of the petrol generator and robot handling. The following job applications were demonstrated

In order to enable the R Jet Robots to work in pipelines from 0,9 m up to 4 m diameter a special rotational beam was designed. It comes equipped with an AGS (Advanced Guiding System) for tool correction that autonomously keeps the tool in the set distance from the surface during rotation.

A video of the R Jet – 062 working inside of a 127 cm diameter pipeline can be seen here.

Yesterday evening Croatian Chamber of Economy in the National University Library awarded Mr. Borislav Balać and his INTECO ROBOTICS research team led by Mr. Stjepan Flegarić with the Zlatna Kuna Award for Innovation 2012. The Award is a token of appreciation towards the work that was implemented in the development of Autonomous mobile robots for hydrodynamic treatment of concrete and metal surfaces – the R Jet – 06 Series.

R Jet - 062 was used for a hydrodemolition job inside of shutter area at the HE Čakovec power plant. Using wall guiding systems and thanks to its compact design and low weight the robot managed to remove 2 cm of concrete driving on a regular scaffolding. The robot worked on a scaffolding 12 meter high and treated concrete wall surface.

A video of the job can be found here.

Croatian television made a story about the job in “Svijet profita” show. Key members of INTECO ROBOTICS gave short interviews. You can find the interview on the following link. Choose episode from 09.01.2012 and start from 14:48.

We are looking for country specific dealers or regional distributors with established sales networks.
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Respectful competition and brilliant organization are the key elements that describe the annual VIDI e-nnovation Awards which are organized annually by VIDI Magazine and Ruđer Bošković Institute. This year the evaluation committee decided that the Nikola Tesla Silver Egg Award goes to the Advanced Guiding Systems for R Jet Robots.

The Advanced Guiding Systems make the R Jet Robot almost completely autonomous in the operation mode. Find out more about the Autonomous Concept

With a testing site set up as a dry dock of a large shipyard, the R Jet – 062 had to demonstrate its ability to operate beneath the ship and treat metal surface with 2500 bar water. The narrow passage was set up with a decline from 95 to 85 cm.

The robot was equipped with an advanced tool correction system which can correct surface anomalies up to 15 cm completely autonomous.

The demonstration was organized for Bijela Shipyard, Montenegro and Sitolor, Slavonski Brod.


Between a large number of innovations at the 9th International Innovation Exhibition – ARCA at the National University Library in Zagreb. R jet – 062 received ARCA Innovation Award and FIRI Diploma. FIRI award for the best innovation is given by the First Institute Inventors and Researchers in I.R.Iran

INTECO ROBOTICS was invited to attend at the 9th International Innovation Exhibition – ARCA at the National University Library in Zagreb. The booth was visited by national and foreign representatives led by Ms. Tihana Kraljić, State Secretary for SMEs.

Business Innovation Center of Croatia – BICRO kindly shared its booth with INTECO ROBOTICS.

Before launching the official web site for INTECO ROBOTICS we made a YouTube Channel available. Here you can find all of the interesting video posts concerning the R Jet Robots. You can also subscribe to be notified of our developments and perhaps put likes to our video and share them with your friends.


The first public presentation of the R Jet – 062 took place on 5. October 2011 at the Hypo Expo XXI Congressional Center in Zagreb. The event had excellent media coverage and marked the start of sales for the R Jet Robots.


The World Premiere of the R Jet – 062 was organized together with the following partners:

At the First International Conference on Applied Robotics for the Power Industry in Montreal, Canada a paper concerning R Jet Robots was presented. The title of the paper was Light-weight Mobile Robot for Hydrodynamic Treatment of Concrete and Metal Surfaces and the presenter was Professor Zdenko Kovačić from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The paper was an announcement of the INTECO ROBOTICS and the R Jet Series of robots.

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