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R Jet - 061

The R Jet – 061 is the world’s smallest and lightest hydro demolition and water jetting mobile robot.

Thanks to its compact design the R Jet – 061 can be used in a variety of different applications across a range of industries.

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The 061 works in a combination with a high pressure water pump up to 300 kW of input power and operating pressure up to 3000 bar and uses different tools which enable him the following types of treatment:

  • surface treatment of concrete and metal
  • concrete hydrodemolition jobs
  • removing debris and layers of material from different surfaces

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The R Jet – 061 features:

  • SMALL - the smallest robot currently available, works in spaces lower than 80 cm
  • LEIGHT - weighs only 350 kg
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY - has low electrical energy consumption
  • USER FRIENDLY – simple to operate and work with
  • MANEUVERABLE – goes where other machines cannot
  • MODULAR – can complete a wide range of tasks
  • AUTONOMOUS – advanced control systems eliminate the need for constant human inputs
  • SAFE – comes with above industry standard safety features

Thanks to the above the robot can work on scaffolding or a hanging platform or use stairs for driving to higher floors in a building. It can also pass through standard doors and openings on closed sites or enter pipelines and tunnels.

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