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Autonomous robots for hydrodynamic treatment of concrete and metal surfaces

The following R Jet Robots are available with different tools and options.

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  • - R Jet – 061

    With only 350 kg it is the lightest mobile robot for water jetting and hydro demolition jobs. Compact design enables him to work in confined spaces and on a large number of applications. Ideal for scaffoldings and tight areas.

  • - R Jet – 062

    Modularity is the word that best describes the 062 Series. It can work with pumps generating up to 360 kW of power, reaching 4 meter of height and weighing only 520 kg. It can also go under 80 cm and join the 061 in low area surface treatment.

  • - R Jet – 062 EN

    The EN Modul enables the R Jet – 062 to have its own power supply (a petrol generator stored inside of the robot). Practical and efficient. Each 062 unit can be upgraded with an EN module and dismantled in the matter of minutes.

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